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How to Use Aloe Gel

Aloe Gel is one of Nature's Superfoods.

Aloe Gel is a Food that is a rich source of glyco-nutrients, amino acids (it contains 7 out of the 8 essential amino acids), vitamins, enzymes and minerals which are widely recognised to contribute towards healthy cellular function and well-being.

Have just before or during a cooked meal

Plain Smoothy 

Spirulina, Barley Green, Moringa Smoothie:
  • Place 500 ml of water in the liquidizer
  • Add 1 measuring spoon of Spirulina, 1 spoon of Barley Green and 1 tsp Moringa Leaf Powder (or any combination of the 3 ingredients or just one)
  • Add 200 grams Aloe Gel
  • Add a titch of Stevia (natural herbal sweetener)
  • Liquidize
  • Drink and ENJOY!!!!

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