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The Aloe leaves are harvested with care in the wild in the pristine Kouga Mountains far away from cities and towns (see

The leaves are respectfully harvested from the bottom encouraging vigorous and healthy growth from the top foliage. To ensure sustainability the plants are harvested in a two year cycle.  This ensures a sustainable harvest and a healthy Aloe Plant.

The leaves are then drained (the bitter sap), washed and packed in boxes.

The Aloe Leaves will stay fresh for at least one month in a cool dark place.

How to Peel an Aloe Leaf?

Take the Aloe leaf and cut off a thin slice on either end so that fresh gel is exposed. Then from the narrow end to the wide end looking at the leaf from left to right, cut the leaf into 5cm sections.

Then slice the skin off the sides so that you end up with sections of gel with only a top and bottom layer of green skin. Cut off the top layer by cutting through the gel just beneath the skin. Do the same for the bottom layer.

Then you are left with a good chunk of gel. Do this for all the other sections.

Place the chunks of gel in a bowl of water. Under a running tap take each piece of gel and wash thoroughly, rubbing each piece with your hands. Repeat this about 4 times. This will ensure that all the bitter sap is removed. (Just one drop can make everything bitter - Potent stuff).

Use around 200 grams of gel per smoothie. Please see Recipes for some ideas.

Please be aware that in my opinion and my experience, one should drink the Aloe Gel smoothies on an empty stomach just before a protein based cooked meal. This will provide the amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and minerals required for proper digestion and utilisation of the nutrients contained in the food. Don't mix with fruit because the fruit often contains pectin which although good in itself will coat the amino acids making them indigestible.

Please remember that to experience the Nutritional Benefits of Aloe Gel one must consume it regularly (as with any other Nutrient-Dense Food).

The main benefits that I have noticed for myself are: much improved complexion, increased stamina (physically and mentally), practically no aches and pains, and increased sense of well being.

I also live a healthy life with excellent nutrition (eg.  Moringa Leaf Powder) and lots of exercise (gardening mostly). 

Eat it every day for a month and see how you feel!

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