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Freshly harvested  Aloe Ferox Leaves are posted via Insured Parcel Mail in boxes of 20 kilograms -- over a months supply.

Many people have heard about the wonders of the Aloe Ferox Plant. Most people are familiar with the bitter brown sap called Aloe Bitters that is tapped from the leaves.

Many people know that various beauty and body care products are made from the Aloe leaves.

But not many people know that the most valuable Gift from the Aloe Plant is the Highly Nutritious Glyco-Nutrient Rich Gel of it's leaves.

Aloe Leave with white gel inner  In the picture you can see the white  inner Aloe Gel. It contains none of the  brown bitter sap and is highly palatable  when combined with fruit and vegetable smoothies.

 Aloe Gel is a FOOD that is a rich source  of glyco-nutrients, amino acids (it  contains 7 out of the 8 essential amino  acids), vitamins, enzymes and  minerals.

 Glyco-nutrients consist mainly of  polysaccharides and glyco-proteins.

 Saccharides refers to complex sugar  molecules (not to be confused with  simple glucose sugar molecules). 

Saccharides are very complex in comparison and  have no effect on blood sugar chemistry. Ordinary refined Sugar contains 1700 kJ per 100 grams whereas the kilojoule value for Aloe Ferox gel is 28.7 kJ per 100 grams.

A Glyco-protein is essentially a complex sugar molecule bonded with a protein molecule.

But why are glyco-proteins and polysaccharides so important for the human body?

Because Glyco-proteins and Saccharides are used by the body as cellular building blocks.

They, together with  glyco-lipids (lipids are fats derived from one's intake of essential fatty acids eg. flax seed oil) are the main components of the cellular membrane. These glyco-nutrients are instrumental in the regulation of nutrients into and waste products out of the cells. They are the “essential sugars” so crucial for “cellular communication”  between cells.

Aloe Ferox Gel contains a rich concentration of these  glyco-nutrients. Aloe Ferox Gel is also rich in amino acids (required for protein synthesis), vitamins, enzymes and minerals.

Many people have heard of Aloe Vera. Compared to Aloe Vera, Aloe Ferox Gel contains practically twice the amount of  amino acids.

Aloe Gel is one of Nature’s SUPERFOODS. It is well-established  that Aloe Gel is a FOOD that contains glyco-nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

It stands to reason that if one's body requires Glyco-proteins, Polysaccharides and Glyco-Lipids to construct cellular membranes for Skin, Muscle, Connective Tissues, Brain, Organs, etc then eating this wild super FOOD should therefore supply these building materials will ensure the best quality construction with the best quality performance.

Read what Mike Adams has to say about Aloe Gel at

Even though he speaks of the Aloe Vera; the Aloe Ferox Gel is essentially identical (other than Aloe Ferox having twice the number of amino acids).

Please remember that we provide Aloe Gel  (in the form of freshly harvested leaves) as a wild FOOD to be consumed as such. We make no claims saying that it will do this or that for you. What we do say is that the components of Aloe Gel are well researched and easily verifiable and that it is well established that the body requires these nutrients for cellular construction.


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